About Us

About Us

PFM-Greenvia, s. r. o. was established in 2015 as a horticultural company focused on outdoor greenery maintenance. In 2016, we added realisation and maintenance of interior greenery to this. Our team was growing gradually and three years later our company merged with Zahrada Brno s. r. o., which was a company focused on landscaping. We then expanded the range of our activities to creating green roofs, green walls, and moss walls. In 2019, we started offering landscaping projections. At that time, Greenvia was employing 20 gardeners and to this day we are gradually growing. Other activities we slowly took up are green roof grant consultancy and organizing experience workshops for other companies. Greenvia is part of PFM Group a. s., which forms a holding company with other cooperating firms.Together we make a team of gardeners who live through their work!

Representative surroundings for your company or fresh office spaces?

Why work with us?

The history and background of PFM Group company

Since the establishment, we are a part of a strong PFM Group, that provides us with ideal conditions for stability and growth and secures us great rear. Thanks to that we can fully focus on what we can and love the most – greenery.

We give our job one hundred percent! Quality is number one.

We are experienced, educated in our field, and curious. We constantly follow trends, broaden our horizons, and keep on educating ourselves. You can count on us.

We do the job because we like it.

If we are supposed to do a great job, we need a great team. That is why personal management is one of the main tasks of our leadership. We work with personalists and coaches, we take leadership training.

We work quickly and quietly.

We are not going to disturb you. We are proud to have quiet, cultivated speech and we always act professionally. We care about details such as good communication and company dress code. History and background associated with the PFM Group company.