IRESOFT – offices Brno, Purkyňova

We realized for IRESOFT Brno

  • 3x green wall (2x with automatic irrigation with water/waste connection and 1x for water circulation/pump)
  • 1x green wall with atypical shape under the stairs and around the door
  • 80 plant pots
  • the plants used were Ficus, Monstera, Aglaonema, Strelitzia, Dypsis, Tetrastigma, and on the staircase Rhipsalis, Nolina, Dracaena
  • revitalization of the client’s plants, which we took care of comprehensively (repotting, trimming, fertilizing, health check)
  • revitalisation of the terrace
  • reviving the planters with new planting
  • regular service once a week
  • the implementation was carried out according to the design of KYZLINK ARCHITECTS