We will expertly care for the outdoor spaces and indoor greenery of your business from start to finish. And that’s not all...


We specialize in designing for business premises, public spaces and private gardens. We create new designs as well as adapting and reinvigorating current spaces. The key to success in all cases is close collaboration with our clients to understand their needs and accurately reflect those in the final project.


We carry out our activities with respect to our clients’ privacy and wishes at all times. For example, our priority during reconstruction is to minimise any disruption to your business. We implement with a view to our clients' budget, needs and specialization.


To keep a finished solution attractive and in good condition, it needs to be cared for. We carry out treatment, fertilization and weed control, pruning of playgrounds, sportsgrounds and other maintenance activities. We act with respect to your operation needs - even in the maintenance stage we want to follow our clients' ideas about the environment they wish to create.

Relax and enjoy the view. It's our job to design, implement and maintain the landscaped areas and indoor greenery for your company.

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