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The Czech Technology Park Brno

The Czech Technology Park Brno has been our client since 2015. Our services for this significant client include yearlong greenery, road and pathway maintenance and seasonal winter maintenance.
Regarding gardening activities we are in charge of mowing lawns, fertilizing, verticutting and eliminating weeds through chemical agents. We carry out seasonal pruning and mulching.
We are happy to come up with new ideas to support our clients. For example, we have organized a social event for the Technology Park employees and their families – Introducing fish to the pond at the client’s premises . The bridge over the pond was furnished with balcony plants. At Christmas time we decorate the premises with Christmas lights. Would you like to see and check our work? You are welcome at the premises of the Technology Park – it‘s open to public.

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JIC is an association of legal entities supporting innovative business. This business incubator helps enterprises in all the stages of development, from emerging ones and their first business plans to established companies. We take part by facilitating perfect conditions for activities of the enterprises. Throughout the year, especially in winter, we carefully maintain roads and paths. In summer, we care for exterior greenery. This involves mowing, fertilization of lawns and weeding. Beds of perennial plants, placed among the buildings, create a pleasant and harmonic scenery for relaxing, and interior plants create a nice setting not only for business meetings but also for get-togethers of people from various enterprises.

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We are glad to help the company Kiwi.com furnish and decorate their brand new modern offices on the new premises. In 2016 Greenvia installed 164 full-grown interior plants and 12 vertical plant walls. Spaces in tree more floors are decorated in 2017. Plants should always be in a healthy and fresh state – we provide them with regular maintenance and service.

Kiwi.com company is an innovative virtual global flight search engine that specializes in linking flights from airlines that do not normally collaborate, and its unique flight combining algorithm allows the company to search such airline connections and quotes that the company has no real competitors on the market. Kiwi.com is one of the fastest growing technology enterprises in the region.

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Red Hat

IT company Red Hat is also our significant client. We take care of greenery interior decoration and carry out occasional activities, such as deliveries of bouquets for employees’ birthdays celebrations. Our latest feat is the installation of a vertical plant bed, which you can follow step by step on our Facebook profile. The selection of plants and flowerpots is in hands of Greenvia together with our client so that the decoration features fit in the company image. We strive for closer cooperation, so together we planted the corporate tree for the first anniversary of moving the company to the new building, and we delivered flowers for the Women´s Day etc.

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It has all started with an e-mail from MoroSystems, which were looking for a supplier of flowers and plants for their new offices in Brno. Upon this request the manager from Greenvia personally visited the office, prepared and presentated the price offer. The requirements were then amended to meet Morosystems needs. After signing the contract, Greenvia team swiftly delivered and installed the agreed flowers and plants. Greenvia provided not only the traditional office plants, but also modern green wall plant paintings. In addition, the conference rooms were decorated with the amazing moss walls installation. 

Our client, MoroSystems, is a Czech IT company specialisaing in development of customised web applications and information systems. 

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Municipal authority Neslovice

The green wall found in the offices of the Neslovice Municipal Hall was implemented as part of a large modernization project and managed by the architect (first initial) Křižová.  The request was to create a distinctive green element that would inturn refresh the building's interior.  Simultaneously we had to take into consideration that there was not a source of water for automatic irrigation.  Therefore the plants were submerged into special textile panels that allow one to manually water when needed.  In conclusion the green foliage is also semi-lit by daylight which produce ideal conditions for the greenery used in this project.

Brno Jundrov

Our services are not only limited to the private sector, we have clients in the public sector. In the city district of Brno-Jundrov we are responsible for the outdoor floral decoration on the bridge over the river, surroundings of the primary school and public street lamps. We also cooperate with the district of Brno-Komín, neighbouring with Jundrov. We take care of the outdoor mobile greenery and in a built-up area we have prepared seedbeds with annual plants that bloom throughout the season.

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AdMaS is a significant civil engineering research institution. We are proud to be their provider of greenery services. We have furnished the conference room with indoor plants and re-potted all the other plants in the building into mineral substrate.

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